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car in the other lane, passenger:
a big blonde dog, cartoon of goofy pleasure
taking in the universe, at speed. I know.
I walk on cadenced words for hours,
page turning over page, and emerge
without plot or dialog to recall, but
set me in that world and ask me
for a spoon–it’s in your hand.


about you

You’re so vain
Rain, riot, market fall
All the world’s pains
Drain you

re: Hopper summer 47

Seen by Porchlight

divide the scene
according to the rule of three
the dark will mirror light
divide the scene
by nine
your tic tac toes are X
below your midriff Os




amber follows gold
and antecedes the days when blue and gray
chase one another

gray, when it wins,
is long, but nothing lasts,
not even endings.