Grimm Ballet

On the Origins of Class Warfare in Traditional German Folk Tale

every night, dance.
And every morning–holes.
And it’s the cobbler gets the damns
for giving them paper soles.
But they must be feather-light for romance,
the dozen flighty scolds.
Anger the cobblers:  we’ll shoe you to prance
properly.   On your toes.


Poetry Jam:  Aphrodite’s Jam


9 responses to “Grimm Ballet”

  1. jinksy says :

    I think toes might wear away as fast as heel – but it’s mute point!! LOL

  2. Morning says :

    love the rhyming,

    fantastic imagery, the ending words are powerful.

  3. Laurie Kolp says :

    Haha… the twelve dancing princesses should have been more careful.

  4. izzy says :

    Light and papery- definitely fairy material, thanks.

  5. b_y says :

    One of my favorite stories. Always did want to throttle those girls.

  6. brian says :

    dance on their toes, thus the birth of ballet eh? my wife was a dance…sorry you took me there..smiles.

  7. Helen says :

    Oh, this is priceless ………. toes, yes!!!

  8. The Bug says :

    I love it – the title most of all. It sure is timely 🙂

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