1 november

You asked some time ago for an explanation.
I have dithered over writing, hesitating only
because I know full well how you will react. Call it proactive cringing
if you want. Whatever makes you…I almost said makes you happy,
and isn’t that a laugh? I send you a fortune,
a king’s fortune, and you…Well, no matter. I left to see the world.
Now I have seen it, and the world has seen your foolish daughter,
and given her what you will never give. Love.
Mam, it was me, Stupid, that saved the world.

I am sorry about the cow.


  • Write a procrastination poem, or as I like to call it a “I’ll get to it tomorrow” poem. Or…
  • Write a proactive poem, or the old “I’ll get to it today” poem.


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